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Da Kappa Active Water = Healthy Body and Healthy Environment

Da Kappa at your service!
DaKappa is an ancient fairy creature celebrated in Japan,
who has attended in keeping the environment on earth clean and healthy
ever since the beginning of time.  

Da Kappa Water Activating System produces  Once Upon a TimeWater!

With "ONE" installation of "DaKappa", "QUANTUM Water" will come out of your faucet from every part of your home!

You'll love DaKappa!

DaKappa water is promoted by Jujube Clinic to be healthy whole house water that is essential for fundamental health.Your entire house tap water will change into healthy good tasting water.

  • DaKappa will de-activate chlorine by converting the chlorine into unharmful Chlorine Ion,  which is a necessary nutrient.

  • Strong cleansing ability of water allow you to use less detergents.  Original cleansing quality of water will be enhanced. Strong cleansing ability of water allow you to use no petroleum based synthetic detergents or petrol chemical cleaning agents. 

  • Active water will go back in to the environment through your drain. With Dakappa water, minimal use of natural detergent or using natural method such as baking soda or vinegar as cleaning agent works great. Or simply go with just the hot water for cleaning. Since no or less detergents are will  help the environment from harmful detergents!

  • Contributes to stop global warming through reviving ocean water with No petrol chemicals and surfactants. 

  • Active water slows the growth of mold in the bath and kitchen

  • Active water will control Legionella and E-coli.

  • “DaKappa” uses no filter, electricity or magnets.

  • "DaKappa" makes Quantum natural water through natural principles.

  • “ DaKappa“  has very long life since it is made with tempered stainless and has no moving parts.

Jujube Hawaii Oriental Medicine Clinic believes the following:

Active water is essential to life

For optimal health, it is essential to use energized water for drinking, bathing and use it for the everyday life.


Majority of our body is made up of water, for example, 75% of our body is made with water. The body cells are 95% water. 46 to 60 trillion of these cells makes up our physical body.


Since natural healing ability, circulation of vital energy, metabolism and homeostasis are what makes life. We can say that we are let alive by the activities of water and its electron content. Health maintenance, and natural healing occurs from energy in the water that makes us. 


Balanced healthy water

Recently, there are many water treating devises out on the market, making it difficult to determine on the right one. 


Modern scientific technology has created series of water treatment method such as R.O system, Distilled water, Ultra-filter, Nano-filter, UV treatment, Ozonation, Alkalized water process etc. These concepts may sound ideal, but imposed vicious treatment like this makes water unbalanced and less active. 


Water intentionally processed to have certain characteristic often present offset quality such as too much alkalinity or too pure, and becomes unnatural.  In human body, alkalinity and acidity differs according to the areas and organs, along with the need for specific minerals differs with individual. It is not possible to indicate whether high alkalinity or abundant specific mineral is better for person in general.


~what is really good healthy water~

The definition of good healthy water is, PH balanced water with lots of free electron. The ideal water for your health is the local natural spring water in your own area. Spring water is full of natural electron and the PH is balanced, obtaining the natural ion from the ground and gets active by passing through the ground. Your body cell is able to absorb spring water very easily without throwing the body PH off balance.


Therefore, despite all these technologies, true healthy water is still the natural spring water.  Natural spring water is radiant and active with many goodness, it is good medium for human health. 


Natural spring water is filled with many good energy from earth. It is given many earthly benefit from phenomenon like hydrodynamic effect which generate micro bubbles that activates water, free electrons, infra-red rays and other subtle natural radiations, magnetic field and minerals. 

Given these physical effect, natural water is a active water, however, with inclusion of many other unknown earthly subtle energy and cosmic energy and Qi, it can be considered as quantum water as well. 


Many natural spring water has a balanced PH and is easily observed in to the body for optimal hydration. It also holds many qualities like minerals balance that suites the characteristic of local living organisms to give optimal benefit. From this sense, local natural spring water from the local source is classified as best healthy water for the organisms living in the area. 


However, it is impossible to take home the true benefit of water in the bottle. Because no matter how good the water quality is, the water of the foreign area or country many not be suitable for your biological body. Water will also change its quality when it is taken away from the source to be left in a bottle for a period of time.   



Dakappa νG7 does not electrically treat the water to change its PH, or strip away minerals, nor to alter the molecular structures of water, and treat water with high pressure. Instead, Dakappaν G7 devise will activate your local water through the natural principle.   With this technology, your entire house water will be activated with balanced PH and electrons, radiant water will flow from every faucets in your house and garden. 

Dakappa νG7 water ionizer changes the tap water into balanced ionized water like the spring water, which the nature intended water to be. 




~Energizing your entire household water. 

It is a necessity to change all of your living water, such as drinking water, bathing water, shower laundry water in to energetic active water. 

By installing the Dakappa νG7 on to the main pipe, harmful effect of chlorine will be neutralized and all of your water in the entire house will change in to health beneficial water.


~"water and electron is life"~

It is very well known that 75 % of our body is consisted with water, cells in our body are consisted of 95% water with many water pathways within these cells called aquaporin. The water would go in and out of the cells using this aquaporin to deliver nutrients and take out toxin from the cell. Since our body is made up of more than 60 trillion cells, the entire cells in the body performing this function makes up what we know as metabolism and the homeostasis of the body.

To do this, all of the cells generate energy called ATP this can take place because of the vital electricity and active ion in the water. The vital electricity naturally gets charged form the ground when we stand bare feet and touch the earth. This is called Earthing.


Earthing medical scientific journal


“Integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies should include Earthing(grounding):Review of research evidence and clinical observations 



Water and vital electricity make up life. In other words, we are alive because water in us is alive. Natural healing process also exists because of this phenomenon.

When the body is recovering from diseases or injury, we give all the credit to treatment and medication that was applied as doing all the work, however, those are just an aide to the healing. In actuality, it is your body’s own natural healing power that is closing up the injuries and healing from disease.


Despite today’s advance medicinal care, without the body’s natural healing process there will never be a cure regardless of how mild the injury or disease. Natural healing ability is constantly preventing us from becoming ill from all kinds of chronic diseases including cancer. Our wellbeing is preserved because of the natural healing which is constantly in action. Natural healing is supported with vital electricity from the water. Therefor it is very important to properly hydrate the body with good active water.   


[   Antimicrobial Test Results based on the scientific data   ]

​​A variety of formal test analysis and evaluations have been done on the DaKappa.  The antimicrobial evaluation test starting with a "1+ & 3+ hours" of exposure were carried out in October 16, 2002. The Lab testing verified that the DaKappa created an aerobic environment sufficient to mitigate several types of microbes.  


In March 2003, the observation period was set up to run on a 24 hour time period. The second antimicrobial test was requested to Kyoto Microbe Laboratory, which is the corporate-juridical-public organization authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese Government. The results, clearly show a 100% of reduction of living organisms. The testing used the same kinds of microbes as the initial testing and reconfirmed those test results. 


Since the symbols for the test results are shown as "<10", the results were "negative = undetected", which means the perfect antibacterial numbers than expected. The positive tests confirm uses to help mankind.

The antimicrobial results clearly show the ability to reduce and kill microbes, mold and other bacterium which makes DaKappa a very powerful system. These processes stay intact throughout the physical process of water consumption. Affecting Human, animal, plant, fish and earth.

What people are experiencing

Hospital, Care Coordination

Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture


Amazed at the results! I will stick to this water for patients’ health.

It have drastically improved smell of drink, bath, and kitchen water. 

I wanted safe and good tasting water for food and tea. 

Disappearance of rough skin!

One of the problems at hospital is helpers’ rough skin because they use water so often. However, after installed DaKappa, Mr. Y . heard about that problem again. Also they reported that the water had good effect for patients’ skins.

The water declined mold in bathtub too and made cleaning easer.

I renewed satisfaction because of the improvement of grease trap in the kitchen and disappearance of its smell.


Agriculture -greenhouse cultivation

Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

(past worries) Management success of a farmer is subject to the rate of profit margin.

(at present) improvements on taste and yield. increasing revenue realized by organic cultivation of eggplants resisting low temperatures now and having less disorder caused by continuous cropping.

I overcame the difficulties of eggplant cultivation.

Eggplant is said to be a difficult plant for continuous cropping among all kinds of plants. It is difficult to continue to grow high-quality eggplants. However, we were told by Mr. Harada that the eggplants at Nenmi Farm were grown by "organic cultivation" and that "continuous cropping" is possible at his farm. After he introduced the DaKappa into his farm for sprinkling, he had full realization that the effects on "taste enrichment", "yield improvement", "resistance to low temperature", "no disorder caused by continuous cropping", "faster growth” and "cultivation is now possible all the year around". Therefore, he felt the prospects for future profits are very good using the DaKappa.

The eggplants grown at Nenmi Farm “do not rot !”

“Organic cultivation” is being executed at the farm, without using agrichemicals such as antiseptics, of course.

Essentially, the correct look of “spent” eggplants are described by an expression of "wither". It is so natural for all the plant to "wither" rather than "rot". The eggplants grown and harvested at Nenmi Farm never "rot" since the implementation of the DaKappa water to inhibit bacteria from breeding.


Mr. Kanemitsu Sasaki

Pig Farm

Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

(past worries) intense odor at the pigpens, mortality of piglets and reproduction rate

(at present) Sharp decrease of odor at the pigpens/barns ! ! Pigs healthier without stress ! Increase of reproduction rate !  Improvement of profit rate !

Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture is the area with rich lands. Mr. Sasaki, who is managing a pig farm, has been plagued by "odor" complaints for many years. At first, pig farms and odor had been in an inseparable relationship for most of time. Because of complaints from neighboring residents, it had not been exaggerated to say that any big farmer can run a farm only at a location off the beaten path. We heard from Mr. Sasaki on the interview that he had received the positive effects after he installed DaKappa, which was introduced by an acquaintance of his , and after he started giving the DaKappa water to his pigs for drinking.


"First of all, the intense “bad” smell was gone. Also the people visiting my farm told me that it did not smell." In the past, children in my neighborhood were running away from my pigpens covering their noses and mouths with their hands. It seems the water produced by the DaKappa brings the positive benefits of antibacterial action to fight against the smell from ammonia in the urine.

In addition, he told us that there were more amazing effects.


The farm now has less mortality of young piglets !

"In the old days before installing the DaKappa  system, after piglets were born and moved to the pigsty, 10 to 20 percent of them died. It was a considerable number of piglets per year. But now piglets hardly die." When the case of Pig Epidemic Diarrhea (PED)occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture in 2013, his pig farm operation was not affected.

In addition, the birth rate also has risen and our profit has significantly improved.

 “Since pigs grow faster, it happens the pigpen clears out faster. Previously, it took 6 to 7 months to reach shipment. After starting to give the DaKappa water, it now takes only 5 to 6 months." Mr. Sasaki recognizes there is a difference of 1 month to 1.5 months.

Sasaki Pig Farm currently ships about 1,300 pigs per year. We can imagine that the expenses such as feed costs, labor costs, utility costs have dropped significantly.


”Another effect is the taste of the pork was more rich and tasty. It is now possible to have stable shipments of pork to high-class Japanese-style restaurants in every district of Kyushu.”, said Mr. He is satisfied with the stability of profit in his pig farming operation. Now the business realized the benefits of DaKappa such as "mortality decline", "shortening of raising period", "improvement of birth rate" and "cost reduction". 


DaKappa is the "Quantum Water Activating System" which suppresses the growth of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Legionella pneumophila, etc.   


When you think of good healthy water you may think of  natural spring water which is ionized and has balanced PH.  Dakappa Water Activating System changes the tap water into water which has the quality of Natural Spring Water.

The technology displays entirely new and cutting edge effects. These benefits can solve problems in a variety of business categories like animal husbandry, fish processing, general and specific agriculture, industrial...etc.

First thing one can do to eliminate global warming is to change the water to activated ionized water so that you may stop using the petroleum based detergents to reduce the water pollution  of  the ocean.  DaKappa does just that! ...and even more!... for your usage of detergents will in factly be very low!

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