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~Changing The Entire Water, Not Just Drinking Water~


Let’s think about the water you use for everyday living.  

20 minutes of showering is equal to drinking 1 litter of water, because of inhalation of steam or the mist in the shower room.   Beside from all the water consumption, the chlorine in the water changes in to Trihalomethane, a form of fume or the gas, that is damaging to your liver when the chlorine in the water vaporizes. This harmful gas is also being inhaled every time you shower. 

At the same time, chlorine in the water penetrates through the skin and inters the body, not only drying the skin in the cutaneous level but interring rather deeply possibly producing negative health effects.   

The “Washlet” toilet system that is installed on to the newer toilet models is appreciated because it sanitizes without using toilet paper. However, the study shows that the chlorine in the water kills all the living bacterium’s around and in the anus. Wiping out the efficient or protective bacterium as well, cause loss of bacteria balance triggering rectum cancer.


When the νG7 system is installed in the main pipe, the whole house will have the balanced and ionized natural water. This will not only allow you to drink good healthy water but, also allows you to use good healthy water for all the cooking, showering and bathing, toilet, even watering the gardens.



Harmful Synthetic Detergent and Petro-chemical Becomes Unnecessary 

Daily use of petroleum based synthetic detergents for cloth washing and cleaning is a normal daily activity for modern society. Even the commodities used for body application such as body soap shampoo, skin moisturizer to toothpaste is synthesized from petrochemicals. Because  chemically synthesized commodity demonstrate more effectiveness and are easier to use, It has become sort of a trend for people to choose commodities made from petrochemicals over natural ones. 

However, we can’t overlook on the tendency in which the natural soap and detergent function get obstructed in the chlorinated tap water without its original cleansing power so the synthetic detergents and cleaners becomes a necessity. Chlorine and other chemicals in the tap water also makes poor skin condition such as dry skin so synthetic commodity for skin also becomes necessary. it is down ward spiral to ignore the fundamental problem and keep on applying chemically synthesized commodities as symptomatic treatment to keep on covering up the unwanted results, while harming the body and the environment in total. 

A real concern is that, petro-chemical based synthetic detergents, chemical cleaning agents and skin care commodities contain petroleum based surfactants which will get absorbed in to the skin as “cutaneous toxin” or “dermal toxin” . Reason is that many of the petrol chemical does not biodegrade and get accumulated in the body.

On the other hand, there are schools of bias explanation indicating that there are no such thing as cutaneous toxins, or accumulation of toxic chemical is not possible. 

However, many of the transdermal drugs, and nicotine and hormone replacement  patches made from synthesized chemicals are treatment that utilize surfactant power to penetrate chemicals in to the skin. And the natural essential oil are scientifically proven for its trans dermal effect through the skin.

 Based on this, it is meaningless to discuss whether or not using chemical substances on the skin is health positive or not. it is clear that even slightest amount of potentially hazardous chemical substance on the skin would not be beneficial. On the other hand, many health benefiting natural poultice are used on the skin to revive the health of the individual in traditional medicine.  

Especially the petroleum based surfactant has health hazard potential, not using these render better outcome both for the health of the individual and the environment.

If the entire house water changes to Dakappa νG7water, synthetic detergents and other chemical commodities become unnecessary because of already enhanced cleaning power of water. Whether it is for laundry or cleaning, harsh chemicals becomes unnecessary, alternative green cleaning method with vinegar and baking soda can now thrive.  Small amount of natural detergent that is gentle on the health and environment  can be applied. Positive change can be felt when natural skin commodities are synergistically combined with the  Dakappa νG7water. 


Condition of Environment Manifests To Your Health

Since the air we breathe, water we drink, food that we eat is all from nature, and our body is entirely made up of earthly elements, we are part of the earth. So, when you improve the natural environment, you are also positively affecting your own health. 

Once the water is passed through DakappaνG7, water will restore its original strong cleansing power, so water in your house hold becomes good for environment water with Dakappa νG7devise. 

 Synthetic detergents are no longer necessary for laundry and dish washing , no harsh chemical will be needed for cleaning, less or no soap is used for showering, synthetic shampoo will not be needed to keep your hair shining. with the activated water, alternative natural cleaning agent like baking soda and vinegar will render great cleaning ability. 

Petroleum based surfactant will not biodegrade when it reach the river and ocean,  however, the naturally made surfactant will be biologically broken down  in the nature.


Dakappa νG7 water, minimal application of natural surfactant based detergents and soap, cleaner, or backing soda and vinegar will be sufficient enough, so petrol chemical soap and petroleum detergents does not have to be used. Therefore, you would not be releasing any more synthetic surfactant into the sewer system, stopping the pollution of the river and ocean. Plus, energized water enhances the action of micro-organisms like beneficial microbes triggering those to rejuvenate the ocean water, the soil and the air.


Restarting the natures cleansing cycle and clean ocean will once again starts to clean soil and air, triggering a natural cleaning cycle. Leads to eliminating the CO2 in the air, eliminating the global warming.






Controlling Global Warming With Dakappa νG7water~ 

Recent weather changes around the world,  like cold wave in the winter, and extreme high heat during summer, health condition like heat stroke has become a social problem. This is due to global warming, which indicates health / environment relationships that is a threat to all of the biological being on the planet.

Aloha Medicine which focuses on environmental medicine suggest that,  best way to participate in controlling the global warming is to change the house hold water to active water.


Global warming originate from excessive amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 gets release from use of fossil fuel and trimming down on the forest no longer neutralizes CO2. And the other reason is the synthetic chemical pollution of the ocean water which covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface, has lowered the CO2 processing power of the ocean. 


Because CO2 has infrared absorbing function, Co2 in the atmosphere absorbs the infrared that originate from the sun hitting the soil, becomes greenhouse gas that holds temperature and warm the atmosphere, in global scale this is global warming.   

To understand the greenhouse effect (warming effect) of CO2, good example is the Venus as the hottest planet in our solar system. Since 96 percent of Venuses atmosphere is composed of CO2, it absorbs lots of infrared bringing the atmospheric temperature to nearly 500 ℃ (over 900 ℉ ). If one understand the reason for the Venuses backing heat more than the  Mercury which is closer to the Sun is due to absorbance of infrared by the CO2 in the atmosphere, then easily imagine the effect of CO2 accumulation in the earth’s atmosphere. Co2 in the atmosphere creates acid rain that destroys the forest resulting to forest fire that raises the temperature and create the negative chain reaction that creates more CO2 in the air. 


One of the big cause to CO2 accumulation leading to global warming is,  pollution of the ocean water from the petrol chemicals we use. And the major concern is, massive amount of petroleum based synthetic detergent we use flows in to the ocean every day. 



Despite todays polluted level, the ocean continues to process 2 billion tons of CO2 in the air annually, great portion of cleaning comes from coral and the reefs. 

The detergents that we use to do laundry and dishes are made from synthetic surfactant derived from fossil fuel. After this chemical reaches to ocean, it will not break down for many years, it will continue to contaminate the reefs. Currently, reef is dying out because of the petroleum based synthetic surfactant flowing in to the ocean.






Revive the Ocean With Active Water

By installing the νG7 water activator, the water will change in to balanced ionized water which has strong cleansing property so you will need no synthetic detergent and harsh chemicals for cleaning or dish washing.


Instead, small amount of natural detergent with natural surfactants which will biodegrade after reaching to ocean can be used, or no detergents at all, aiding in eliminating the cause of the pollution. Together,  active water will flow out to the environment enhancing the cleansing effect and rejuvenation of the nature.


Each of us being mindful about our sewer water we drain out every day,  reviving the reef to eliminate CO2, to stop global warming is the a key to taking care of our health and life of the planet.





Dakappa Needs No Care and Maintenance

DakappaνG7active water devise use no electricity, magnet or filter. there are no wear parts and does not require any maintenance. Therefore, once it is installed, it absolutely needs no care. 







Skin care:

Facial washing, freckle, speckle, skin rash, hair, dieting and health (constipation etc.)

To increase the effectiveness of DakappaνG7 water:


  • Avoid using petroleum based synthetic soap and shampoo, laundry detergents that are harmful for health. Small amount of natural commodities could be used.



  • Only use natural towel made from cotton, hemp etc and paper towel in order for proper cleansing without detergents.(Cleaning with synthetic material would not work with Dakappa water.)





Beautiful skin

 (Beautiful silky skin is the definition for beauty.)

Soon after using Dakappa νG7 water you will notice the change in skin quality from the first day. your skin will feel more smooth, silky and moist. Fastest change will most likely be in between the fingers. Use only νG7 water or small amount of natural soap.

You will notice clearer skin in about a month of Dakappa New G7 water use. 

Chemical moisturizer and lotion are no longer needed hence the clear skin without damage all naturally from just water. Taking off the makeup is done just by Dakappa νG7 water and natural gauze.




Liver spots

Liver spots come from combination of UV ray and internal acidity of the body.


Dakappa νG7 water will balance out the PH of the skin. Therefore, the spots will get lighter, and in some cases eliminating them completely.




Shampoo made of synthetic surfactant or chemicals should not be used.

Dakappa νG7 water alone, or natural surfactant based chemical free shampoo or conditioner are used in small amount, hair and scalp improvement becomes very noticeable.

For example, brush will go through the hair smoothly, easier bundling the hair, more luster in the hair just with blow drying it. (Key is to dry the hair completely) 




Body odor

Instead of using synthetic body soap that are petrol chemicals, just using the DakappaνG7 water alone or  little amount of natural soap or body soap, or natural substitute to wash the body takes away the body odor. Works well for under arm odor as well.





Animal Health and Garden

Animals have very sharp instinct for healthy water. It is known that after the installation of Dakappa νG7 system, dog and cats and other animals drink more water. Upon washing animals, apply same method used for human that use Dakappa νG7 water to its fullest by not using synthetic detergent or use small amount of natural detergent. When washing Plants in the garden well thrive with life, cut flower will have more life and stays fresh longer. 




Skin rash

External cause of skin rash could be from the chlorine in the water, or synthetic surfactant in the soap, shampoo , and detergents that are used. The ionization the Dakappa νG7 neutralizes chlorine makes chlorine in to harmless chloride no longer hazardous to skin. Avoid using synthetic soap and detergents, instead use small amount of natural commodities. 






Avoid using dishwashing agent made with petrochemicals. Use only hot water or baking soda, or small amount of natural deturgents to clean dish. Usually improves from the day you start to use the water.





Do not use chemical cleaner to clean the floor, wipe down only with DakappaνG7,or small amount of natural cleaning agent, cleaning substitute like vinegar and essential oil. Avoid chemical body soaps.Heel skin quality Improves  after week of using Dakappa νG7water。




Whole body

Notice improvement from the first day, after bathing or shower.




Dry skin, itch and dry flakes

Notice improvement in few days after use of νG7 water.




Dermatitis and Other Skin Condition

Person with dermatitis and other skin conditions could bathe and shower in Dakappa νG7 water with ease of mind. Also, usual stinging sensation from use of regular showering and bathing will get much less when you use of this water. Avoid synthetic soap and detergents as well.






Body condition

People who dislike drinking water and habitually choose to drink juice or soda, would have easy time switching to water drinking and enjoy drinking Dakappa νG7 water. Since drinking refreshment beverages like soda that contains refined sugar like high fructose corn syrup, is one cause of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes. Therefore, drinking νG7 water instead greatly benefits reduction of variety of diseases that occurs from lifestyle related diseases.  


Insufficient hydration relates to constipation, so properly hydrating the body to eliminate constipation has become common sense. Dakappa νG7 water is beneficial to both constipation and diarrhea. According to oriental medicine where the internal health manifests to external skin condition, state of digestive track shows on the skin condition. Therefore, when the skin improves, there is great chance that the digestive track is improving also.   Since, Dakappa νG7 water is easier to go down compared with ordinary water. A patient who is suffering from terminal elements seems to have much easier time consuming water more regularly. 





Weight loss with Dakappa νG7 water.

Dakappa νG7 water goes down smooth and absorb quickly in to the body without feeling the distention in the stomach.

Drinking Dakappa νG7 water instead of daily consumption of soda and juices greatly reduces the sugar volume which will lead to body weight loss.

How to use the Dakappa νG7 water 

  1. Wide usage of Dakappa νG7 water 

  2. Installation

  3. Incase of natural Disaster

  4. Drinking water (portable water)

  5. Cooking

  6. Kitchen Wash

  7. Bath and shower

  8. Face wash and make up

  9. Laundry

  10. 10.General cleaning

  11. Yard and garden

  12. 12.Agriculture and food industry

  1. Wide usage of  Dakappa νG7 water


Dakappa νG7 water activator was developed for reducing the usage of chemical substance like detergents and shampoo and other synthetic products which are basically made from petroleum and chemicals, to live the natural and ecological life style.



Commodities made from Petroleum based surfactants, are transdermal and becomes health risk because it does not biodegrade in the body after absorption by the skin. Also does not biodegrade after going in to river and ocean become contaminating for many years to come.


Chlorine deactivated water holds its original cleaning power of active water, so going back to healthy green living is possible through using just the water, or small amount of natural soap and detergent made from biodegradable surfactant, or essential oil and vinegar, baking soda as substitute can be used for cleaning, instead of petroleum based synthetic detergent and other petrol chemicals.  



It eliminates the clotting of the drainage by not pouring the chemicals and synthetic surfactant in everyday living and the goal is to rejuvenate the nature back to original state. DakappaνG7 does so by, eliminating the static electricity in the water, and balances the electro or ionic balance of the water. This also activates the beneficial microbes in the soil to improve the soil itself.


Dakappa νG7 is not only beneficial to your health and environment, but it will simplify the everyday living. There will no longer be hands and skin rash, dish washing becomes more enjoyable and saves more detergents, water and electricity. Dakappa νG7 can be used at everywhere there is water to bring out the maximum potential of what the water can do.  



Dakappa νG7 is contain Hexagon Field Converter (patented) that works to activate the water quantum physically to get dissolved Hydrogen rich water. DakappaνG7requires no maintenance.

Dakappa νG7water activator come with 2year warranty. Warranty starts at the day of purchase.

Put Dakappa νG7 to use and enjoy the healthy and ecological living without the use of chemical based products.



2. Installation 

Installation is easy however; installation should be done by the professional service.


Please be present for the installation. Installation manual for the professional staff is also available.


Please check the criteria below up on installation.

  • Device should be mounted in the fashion that is easily detached. In case of moving. 

  • If the device is going to be set underground, use meter cover box and place the device in side so it’s not touching the soil.

  • Run water for about 5 minutes to clean out the pipe after installation.



3. In case of natural disaster

Please check the device thoroughly after math of natural disaster such as earth quick and flooding. And contact repair person in case of water leakage.


4. Drinking water

After installing the devise, water from all of the faucet becomes healthy vital drinking water. boiling and chilling the water is OK. However, for your optimal health, room temperature water is recommended for your drinking purposes.

When carrying the drinking water, avoid putting the water in to the plastic bottle or container.

Glass, Titanium or stainless bottle or container is suggested.


Long term collection of water in the bottle and leaving it under the sun could cause the micro algae to grow in the water. This could happen especially with Dakappa νG7 water because of the good water quality of the water.



5. Cooking

Preliminary cooking ( preparation prior to cooking)

Detoxifying your food prior to cooking


Soak all vegetable in to Dakappa νG7water for 15minutes before washing them with Dakappa νG7water.


Whitish yellow murky object accumulating on the water surface and at the bottom of the water is pesticide that was detuned from the produce.  

Time of soaking the meat depends on the thickness.  


Extra thin sliced meat ,1-3 minutes.

Thin sliced meat, 2-5 minutes.

Thick steak meat should be soaked for 10-15minutes.

Same soaking time is applied on the fishes. 

Adding the natural sea salt or “cal-cera mix Powder” (natural detoxification powder for food, ) enhances the detoxification progress eliminating more of the petrochemicals from food.


The good tip on when washing rice is to put water in the rice pot and fill it to top, soon after the pot is filled with water, drain the water out soon as possible, before washing rice.

Dip all shoyu, vinegar, sake, mayonnaise, sauce, dressing milk, and other foods and drinks that come in the bottle in to the water. This will make the taste to become more mild.


Shoyu and sake especially, will taste more ripened. 

Ice should be made with hot Dakappa νG7 water, wait until room temperature and freeze it in ice making tray for best quality ice.





Be aware that, after installing the Dakappa νG7 system, the amount of water required to cook rice will noticeably decrease. Approximately 10% less water is needed.

To prevent over cooking, be aware that when Dakappa νG7 water is used, time usually needed to boil the noodle or other foods decreases by 10% as will.

Taste of the spices added to food (ginger, garlic, onion, green onion, wasabi, etc) stand out more than expected, because Dakappa νG7water will enhance the taste of each cooking material.

Dakappa νG7water makes the bold taste of coffee more mild also.

Control the amount of soup stock used when making soup as more flavor tend to extract out from soup stock. 

Generally, boiling food takes much less time, beware that foods cooks faster. 


Dish washing

Because no detergents are used, dish washing while cooking food is possible without worrying about soap going on to the food. Also, no rinsing is necessary because of no detergent to rinse off. Quickly washing the cooking pan and other kitchen ware while cooking is made possible without thinking about completely rinsing off left over detergent. Use small amount of baking soda or natural surfactant soap.


Restaurant : Health department requirement is to use the detergent. In this case, please refrain from using the detergent made from petroleum based surface activating agent that will pollute the ocean, instead, please use a little amount of detergent made with natural surface activating agent. Natural surface activating detergent is bio- degradable, it can be broken down by the microbes in the ocean so it doesn't pollute the water.


6. kitchen clean up

When washing the dish. Use hot Dakappa νG7 water and use all natural sponge or cotton towel, or paper towel (reuse paper towel)and detergents are not needed. Rinsing is not necessary because no detergents are used. If the grease or burnt crust is tough, soak the ware for one night, and then wash it of using hot water and towel the next day. 

Grease does not come off easily on kitchen ware made with plastic. In this case, please use natural detergents that are made with natural surfactant for your health and environment. 


Hard to clean material such as greasy ventilation fan, grill top should be dipped in the hot Dakappa νG7 water and keep it submerged overnight. Wash with towel the next day.(Special purpose enzyme cleaner available)


Small waste basket in the sink should be cleaned with only Dakappa νG7 water and scrubbing brush.

Towels should be washed only by Dakappa νG7 water. However, if there is persistent stain use hot water to wash.  

for cleaning refrigerator, thoroughly wipe and clean using only Dakappa νG7 water. To eliminate the odor in the refrigerator, place the cup filled with the Dakappa νG7 water in the corner of the refrigerator.


7. bath and shower

Body washing

Scrub yourself with Dakappa νG7shower water with natural cotton , and other natural fiber towel. This is done without using the soap. Person with the sensitive skin or skin condition such as dermatitis should wipe clean very gently together with shower water. Synthetic sponge or towel does not work as effectively.


Washing Hair

Use hand towel to wipe clean the hair under shower. Scalp should be scrubbed using the fingers under the shower and massage thoroughly. Wipe dry with towel. 



Using the towel to gently rub while soaking in the tub will clean your skin with minimal pressure. Soaking the body in the Dakappa νG7 water bath will worm the body from the core  and give a softer texture to the skin. Add a natural salt instead of synthetic bath water fragrance is very beneficial for extra relaxation effect.


Half of body bathing . (Recommended bathing method for person with chronic heart condition)

Put water in the tub and put 1% of natural salt in the hot Dakappa νG7 water. Soak the body until the water line is leveled with the navel. Sit in the soaked position for 45 minutes to1hour.


In order to prevent dehydration and sodium deficiency, All ways have the drinking water and salt handy for consumption,  Hang the dry towel on the solder to prevent from extreme cooling of upper body.

Keep on adding the hot water whenever the water gets cold. 

If you are ill, all ways have someone by you for safety. 


Cleaning the bathtub

Use the shower to sprinkle the Dakappa νG7water to the wall area and scrub it using brush. sparkle the water using shower head when the area can’t be reached. Using the Dakappa νG7 water for cleaning also prevents the mold from growing. After cleaning, open the window and air out the space for few hours. Use small amount of natural cleanser if nessasary. 


8. facial cleansing and makeup

When Dakappa νG7system is installed, only towel and warm water are needed for facial cleansing. Wipe the face using dry towel.

Taking off the makeup is done the same way. If for instance, the makeup is hard to come off, make a hot steam towel and place it on the face and steam towel the face for couple minutes, before wiping off makeup.

Teeth brushing could be done with only Dakappa νG7water and natural Salt without using tooth paste. 


Shaving can be done right after face washing or hot toweling using Dakappa νG7 water, without using shave cream. After shaving, wash the face with preferably cold water and dry face with dry towel. 


Keeping the Dakappa νG7 water in a small portable spray bottle is useful in the event to wipe off the food stain or when retouching makeup.


9. Laundry


All ways separate whites and color clothing. Using small amount of natural detergents will do the job. Or refer to the trusted source for cleaning method using natural cleaning substitute. 

If not using detergents, put hot water in and dip the laundry for 12 minutes. After, spin the washing machine for 5minutes and drain water. If the laundry didn’t become clean to satisfactory level. Rinse for3 more minutes. Do not add softener Drain water.

If there is tough stain use the natural detergent or soap on the stain area only and proceed in the same manner as stated above.

Putting the laundry in the polyester bag or putting the peace of polyester fabric in to the washing machine will enhance the cleansing effect. (Dirt and stain will stick to polyester fabric)

Hang the laundry and allow the laundry to dry in the sun or in the shade. Drying in the sun will have sterilization effect. Drying the shade is for delicate materials.   


delicate clothing, wooly, sweater.

in case of washing the delicate material, remove the stain and dip the laundry in the Dakappa νG7 water for 12 minutes and hand wash using squeezing motion. Take the dry bath towel and wrap the dry towel around the wet laundry and manually extractor the water. Wooly and sweater is handled the same way and hang dry in the shade.


Suit, Jacket

Remove all the stain first, then dip the laundry in the Dakappa νG7 water for 12 minutes and hand wash using squeezing motion.  Wrap the dried towel around and manually extract the water hang them in the suit hanger and take away the wrinkles using the steamer before it is dry. 



Just sun drying the white fabric will get the material to be white. If whiter color is preferred, put in one table spoon of salt in the washing machine and wash the fabric then dry them in the sun.   Dry the delicate fabric in the shade


Synthetic fabric softener is not necessary even when the tumble dryer is used.


washing machine

Front load type washing machine works very well with Dakappa νG7 water.



Any dryer will do 



Iron the fabric when the fabric is half dried. Steam iron works well. 10. general cleaning 


Scrub the toilet bowl using brush. Outside of the bowl should be cleaned with rag.



For inside house, after cleaning all the dust, use the wet rag and wipe clean all the surfaces.

Do not use wet towel for the upholstery or the electrical appliances. 

For window cleaning spray the Dakappa νG7 water and wipe dry using paper towel to get the shine.


car wash

Spray Dakappa νG7 water using garden hose, firmly wipe clean.

Be aware that wax may come off as well. Interior such as Dash board and Glove compartment should be cleaned with same application.


exterior wall


High pressure cleaning using the Dakappa νG7water is suggested for all exterior walls, fence cleaning.



shower the pet and wash them using the brush、After, double wash using natural rag or towel.



11. yard and garden


DakappaνG7 water will revive all the plants.

In the area where there is acid rain, shower DakappaνG7 water using garden house ever time after the rain. Give water to the soil also. Water for the Cut flower should be changed daily. 


12. agriculture and food industry

Since there are lots to cover, we will talk about this in the separate section.




Our suggestion on how to avoid using synthetic products and live a healthy and ecological life by using Dakappa νG7 water activation system 


Water passed through the Dakappa νG7 system has cleansing abilities therefore, no need for the harsh detergents. And especially used together with the natural cotton or hemp thread even the paper towel together with DakappaνG7 water, increases the cleansing power. (Not to use synthetically made sponge or towel)

 All ways use warm water.


No longer need synthetic detergents and Petrol chemical cleaning agents

  • Clothes detergents, softener for washing ,  and clothes softener in dryer, mild detergents for wool.    

  • Kitchen detergents, sink cleaner, pipe cleaner, and air vent fan cleaner, oven cleaner. 

  • Soap , body shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, shampoo for pets, toothpaste, facial soap, bathing agents shaving cream, bathe and shower tub washing detergents, soap scum remover , mold remover.

  • Toilet detergents, detergent for toilet tank.

  • Floor cleaner, glass cleaner, car washing detergents.


  • About  non-synthetic soap

There’re many natural detergents and soap product on the market. Please use these types of detergents for tough grease and stain. 






Please be sure to use the natural fiber sponge or natural towel when using DakappaνG7 water for cleaning bathing , washing hair etc. Using anything synthetic with this water does not clean well.

We suggest you to use natural sponge, paper towel, cotton towel for cleaning and washing. Will not require rinsing because no detergents are used.



S ynthetic Detergents and scent enhancement not needed

Shoes box and Room odor suppressant, refrigerator odor suppressant, raw garbage material, bathroom,

Pet odor, gutter odor.  


Water will soak up the odor. Instead of using odor suppressant, just putting the cup of water in that area will greatly

eliminate odor.  Put the pieces of flower in the water and leave it in the corner of the room. Putting the cup of water in the refrigerator  works well also .   Natural carbon  also helps to eliminate odor. If scent is desired, please use natural flower, essential oil or incense, instead of using synthetic scent. 



Regarding the Dishes

Please use Pottery, glass, wood, metal for dishes. Avoid plastic dishes.

Grease on the plastic plate is hard to be washed off even with natural towel or cotton.

Avoid using plastic cutting board. Instead use wood cutting board for sanitary reasons.

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